I'm so happy you've found this corner of the internet, my friend. My name is Jenna Knapp and I'm a Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer.
I work with change-makers and space-holders one-on-one in six month coaching packages and in cohorts for my NLP coaching certification program, The Mental Wealth Method.

The Mental Wealth Method

A three month [160+ Hours] virtual NLP Certification experience taught through the lens of radical self-care for space-holders and change-makers who are ready to serve from overflow.


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6 Month Package

This summer Jenna will be opening up a limited number of one-on-one coaching spots for future TED Talk Storytellers, soon-to-be Best Selling Authors, and community leaders in an intimate and transformative 1:1 six month container that reprograms the subconscious mind on an identity level. 


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Experience the power of your subconscious mind with this track to promote positivity & patience in the face of uncertain times. 

"MWM is packed with intentionally curated wisdom. It's exceeded my expectations. Jenna delivers ... and then some! We master the content in real-life exercises, and have multiple ways to absorb the info, which has been very helpful for this mom on-the-go."

Mary | @thefullpotentiallife
Virgina, USA

"My goal was to finish this course and use everything I have learnt to help my clients. So far I have had breakthroughs for myself personally. I want to help women speak up for themselves and i find myself doing it a lot lately. The support from Jenna and the other participants is amazing. Jenna really does care and she makes it simple. It is not complicated as I thought it would be."

Donella | @talktodonella
London, UK

"In all my decades of studying about human mental and emotional and evolutionary wellness, in universities and with international healers, I've never encountered tools this effective, many tools that almost anyone can use to help others. I am so thankful to Jenna for her courage and great heart! This work is helping so many people and we are not even 1/3 into the course!"

Luz Elena | innerwisdomuniverse.org
Wisconsin, USA

"I had high expectations for Mental Wealth Method and I am happy to say that all of them have been exceeded! I am learning and expanding more every day with a wonderful group of people that share my values. I am connecting with my purpose, building community, and enjoying every moment!"

Rosa | @innerspaceastronomy
Wisconsin, USA

"I originally joined MWM with the intention to learn tools to support my virtual assistant students and their mindset challenges. Jenna made it quite clear from the start that in order for me to support those around me, I need to first take care of myself. I was completely shocked (in the best possible way) of my physical responses to the NLP exercises. I would say before I started this program, I was open but only about 75% percent. When I allowed myself to truly be open to receiving the benefits of NLP, I was able to experience break through after break through. I'm a believer now! And the best part, is everything that I have been able to experience is super easy for me to implement to help my virtual assistant students or anyone who needs a shift in their belief system. What I have learned in the first month is actually mind blowing and I will be taking these lessons with me forever."

Lindsay | @lindsayandco
Kelowna, Canada

Meet Jenna Knapp,

Jenna is an empowerment coach, subconscious self-care expert, and motivational poster enthusiast. Jenna helps creatives, leaders, and service-based business owners take back their power through rebuilding routine and ritual and establishing healthy boundaries so they can finally give themselves permission to write their name at the top of their to-do list.

With over four years of self-care and preventative care advocacy, Jenna holds massive space for her clients and students to expand into their truth and worthiness. With powerful modalities like NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Clinical Hypnosis, Subliminal & Binaural Audio, Scent Stating, and more, Jenna helps busy change-makers and space-holders pump the breaks on the road to burnout.

Certified as a Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer, and founder of The Self Care Studio, Jenna’s signature coaching and training style provides accountability and creates a community of caring souls who are ready to reclaim their time, call their power back, and build beautiful boundaries. Her students love her because of her caring heart, unwavering belief in their success, and unshakable commitment to helping service-based business owners show up for themselves first before everyone else.

"Jenna has such a gift for cracking people open. Having tried to engage with my mental health for so long, I was always very aware of how vulnerable being drawn out felt. But with Jenna it feels more like being embraced. Like, I definitely feel out in the open, that's for sure. But instead of feeling like she's out there ahead of me calling me to catch up, it felt like she was right there by my side. That made all the difference." "

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"First of all- working with Jenna is SUCH A PLEASURE, and she instantly makes you feel at ease and like an old friend. Knowing that I can purposefully and intentionally change the way my mind works rather than just accepting the negative programming I've been giving is so incredibly powerful !! Jenna is an absolute goddess for teaching us how to do this! Real self care is now an essential part of my life."

Milwaukee, WI

"When Jenna listens to me, I can tell that she’s not listening to figure out what to say next or how she can tell me what to do or try to make it fit within one of her viewpoints. Jenna listens with FULL presence in a way that has made me feel completely seen and heard. I am inspired every day by the creativity, love and thoughtfulness that Jenna weaves into each of her programs and in her coaching."

Toronto, Canada

"Jenna opened my eyes to the possibilities of what self care can be. For me that self care was redirecting my thought process on the time I have, you don’t really make the time, it’s just how you manage it. I came to learn that the power to manifest the future I desire is all in my control. That is huge!! My day to day has changed to reflect the desires I wish I see in the world. For myself and even for others. "

Racine, Wisconsin

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