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Thanks for landing here in this corner of the internet world. I'm so happy you did. Right now, I'm taking a break offline as I reimagine the future of Mental Wealth & Wellness. I'll be back real soon with new offerings and a whole new feeling. 

Until then, here are some ways you can still engage with this space, 

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Meet Jenna Knapp,

Jenna is an empowerment coach, subconscious self-care expert, and motivational poster enthusiast. Jenna helps creatives, leaders, and service-based business owners take back their power through rebuilding routine and ritual and establishing healthy boundaries so they can finally give themselves permission to write their name at the top of their to-do list.

With over five years of self-care and preventative care advocacy, Jenna holds massive space for her clients and students to expand into their truth and worthiness. With powerful modalities like NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Clinical Hypnosis, Subliminal & Binaural Audio, Scent Stating, and more, Jenna helps busy change-makers and space-holders pump the breaks on the road to burnout.

Certified as a Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer, and founder of The Self Care Studio, Jenna’s signature coaching and teaching style provides accountability and creates a community of caring souls who are ready to reclaim their time, call their power back, and build beautiful boundaries. Her clients love her because of her caring heart, unwavering belief in their success, and unshakable commitment to helping service-based business owners show up for themselves first before everyone else.

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