Mental Wealth Method is the virtual Life Coaching & NLP Certification you've been searching for. 

Are you a  light-worker, change-maker, or space-holder who is searching for a community?

What if you could take the next step in your impact-driven journey while being surrounded by heart-centered humans just like you?

You just found what you've been looking for. Read on, my friend. Welcome home.

Meet Adribel!

"There are many certifications out there, but what Jenna offers is out of this world. More than learning techniques + theory, Jenna and her team take you through an adventure of facing your fears, limiting beliefs and, maybe the scariest — your potential. I've never felt more supported yet pushed to new limits. I'm most definitely a new, upleved version of myself!"


High-Touch Point support to ensure you  graduate feeling comfortable, confident, and capable in the tools so you're ready to open your doors as a coach.

  • 150+ Hour Certification Experience you'll receive 5 certificates of completion upon graduating [NLP Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, and Life & Success Coach] all hours are concurrent. 

  • Expand your toolkit with 6+ powerful  modalities [learn over 20+ techniques!]  including NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Hypnosis & Subliminal Audios, Scent Stating, and deep empowering questioning models that help your clients find their own answers.

  • 30 Live Lesson Opportunities Two x 2 Hr live integration calls a week!  With lifetime access to curriculum video vault. Learn live, ask questions, and practice with your fellow practitioners in training. Can't make it live? No worries, replays will always be ready for you within 24 hours.

  • Integration Quizzes, Audio Learnings, & Workbooks to help you soak up all the information in the learning styles that suit you best.

  • Soft Client Loom Reviews to help build your confidence with personal real-time feedback from your NLP Trainer.
  • 24/7 Access To Private Online Community with current students and alumni so you can stay connected and get your questions answered.
  • Pre-Study Audio Learnings For You To Listen To As Soon As You Sign Up! Students say it's like listening to a "school podcast"! 

  • Snail Mail Self-Care Personal Welcome Package 

Learn NLP

NLP is how we use the basic language of our mind [pictures, feelings, sounds, tastes, and smells] to consistently achieve the results we want in life. NLP is frequently referred to as "the lost user manual to the mind" and can help you and your clients in powerful ways. 

Run A Hypnosis Session

You'll learn how to speak directly to the unconscious mind with powerful language patterns. Guide others to empowerment by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind through hypnosis and subliminal audios.

Become BFF's With Your Subconscious Mind

Born out of the field of NLP,  a collection of techniques that allows you and your clients to travel on your subconscious timeline. Release limiting beliefs and decisions from the past or put empowering goals on the future timeline.

Discover The Power Of Scent

Did you know that scent is your only sense that is simultaneously linked to memory and emotion? By combining NLP techniques with essential oils, you'll have hands-on tools to anchor you and your clients to the moment. Evoke states like confidence, calm, motivation, and more with scent.

Tap It Out

Learn the beneficial basics of EFT for yourself and your clients to get your body's energy system back in balance. EFT is a simple tool to empower your clients to use for emotional regulation outside of their time with you.

Tie It All Together

While you're learning 20+ techniques and tools you can use with yourself and others you'll learn how to help people set powerful and achievable goals that set them up for success with a future-based mindset.

Meet Rosa!

When Rosa enrolled she wasn't even sure if she'd become a coach... She wanted to use the tools for herself. But, after graduating with a new level of confidence - she launched her website, offer, and free subconscious resources in just TWO WEEKS! 


Here, we focus on you first.

You know you can't help others if you aren't first taking care of yourself. But as a space-holder it's easy to get into the cycle of putting other's needs before your own. That changes here. Now more than ever, the world needs you to take care of yourself as the Practitioner. Why? So you can serve more people  and pour from an overflowing cup instead of running on empty. 

Most NLP Certifications follow an Accelerated Training model, leaving you to integrate all of your learnings on your own. Here, we build in the integration time and teach all of the modalities through the lens of radical self-care which allows every student to learn the tools by being their own client first.

When you go through the program and share about your own transformations, you show your future clients what is possible for you. 

Are you ready to be the lighthouse that people have been searching for?

First, we hold space for you. We lay the foundation for your own self-care with the easiest techniques you can use on yourself and spend time unpacking what brought you to this moment. 
Then, we build on top of your foundation by learning about the subconscious minds' storage systems and learn over 10 powerful and quick transformational techniques for your toolkit. 
Last, we dive deeper into language  that can speak directly to the subconscious mind that helps folks shift from past-based to future-based mindsets. Finally, we make sure you're confident with all of the content during Evaluation Week.

Interested in joining the Fall Semester?

The next semester of the Mental Wealth Method will take place August 16th - December 4th, 2021. Save the dates & sign up up for the waitlist here! 

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Toronto, Canada  @energyforimpact

"MWM has provided me with a brilliant balance of personal and professional growth. The focus on being the student ourselves first has had huge impacts on my life. Feeling empowered to apply the tools we are learning in real-time with clients has also been an incredible experience."


Virginia, USA   @thefullpotentiallife

"MWM is packed with intentionally curated wisdom. It's exceeded my expectations. Jenna delivers ... and then some! We master the content in real-life exercises, and have multiple ways to absorb the info, which has been very helpful for this mom on-the-go."

Luz Elena 

Wisconsin, USA

"In all my decades of studying about human mental and emotional and evolutionary wellness, in universities and with international healers, I've never encountered tools this effective, many tools that almost anyone can use to help others. I am so thankful to Jenna for her courage and great heart!"

Meet Lindsay!

Just one month into the course Lindsay was already implementing what she was learning inside of The Mental Wealth Method with her students!


Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? Send an email to [email protected] 

Meet Donella!

Before enrolling in The Mental Wealth Method Donella had taken a lot of courses. Her simple goal was to finish this one. Listen in to hear how she did way more than that...



Montana, USA @rachaelbahre

"The Mental Wealth Method has been an incredible journey of unraveling and stripping away limiting ideas I had about my life or what was possible for me." 


Dominican Republic @julissaveronica_

"It's been a roller coaster ride for me... (emotionally) because all that I've been uncovering and shedding, but the MWM has been a safe heaven to come to and just be. I don't feel rushed I feel supported."


London, UK   @talktodonella

"I want to help women speak up for themselves and I find myself doing it a lot lately. The support from Jenna and the other participants is amazing. Jenna really does care and she makes it simple."

Interested in joining the Fall Semester?

The next semester of the Mental Wealth Method will take place August 16th - December 4th, 2021. Save the dates & sign up up for the waitlist here! 

Sign up for the waitlist to receive updates about enrollment, early bird savings, and more!