Whether you've already chosen your path as a space-holder or you're just starting to make space for the possibility that this is what you're meant for...


...You've most likely wondered if you're "ready" for this work. 

Maybe you've thought to yourself...

"Have I healed my own stuff enough to hold this kind of space for others?"

"Who am I to think I can help others when I haven't been able to overcome my past?" 

"Even though I already hold space for the people I love in my life, what if I can't hold it for strangers?" 

"What if I don't have the capacity for this deep work?"

"I'll just wait to get started until I feel ready..."

But, your knowing that you're meant to do this work outweighs the doubt.


If only you could figure out where to begin...


You know it’s wrong that you’ve been playing so small for so long when you have all this potential brewing inside of you. You know it’s not serving you to keep holding off on this dream of yours for another minute. Especially when your decision to walk down this path will help others. 


You look back on your life and realize this is the work you’ve already been doing. Your family always turns to you when things are lost in translation between loved ones. Your friends seek you out for relationship support. Your co-workers confide in you on coffee breaks. Heck, even strangers find themselves opening up to you. You have that secret ingredient that allows people to unfold with you.  


The truth is, you’re a natural space-holder and you know you could turn your passion for helping others into a career as a coach. You dream of being able to set your own schedule instead of being on someone else's timeline. You visualize yourself with the freedom to take client calls from anywhere. And you know how empowering it would feel to create your own wealth while living deeply in your purpose.


 But as a space-holder sometimes you...


...Put your own dreams (and healing) on hold so you could prioritize what everyone else has going on around you. You’re the one that everyone trusts, but you’ve reached a place of knowing that this non-reciprocal giving isn't sustainable for the life you want to live. You’ve teetered on the edge of emotional burnout and empathy fatigue because of your lack of personal boundaries. And it's just not working anymore.


You're ready to build healthy boundaries,  develop a deeper sense of self-trust, and heal your own stuff. You're ready to put your name at the top of your to-do list. Because that would mean you'd be able to pour from a full cup. Instead of running on empty. 


Deep down you know taking this plunge wouldn't just be a professional decision, it would be a personal one.

And the thought of that kind of up-leveling has been simultaneously enticing and intimidating.


At the core, you know you're ready to begin. But you know you need to look out for yourself too. You know you need to find the perfect container that makes you feel expansive, grounded, and safe to go through this evolution. 


Because you know this is where it all changes. This new beginning isn't just another scene in the montage of your life. It's the biopic you're going to be remembered for. 


KP Kaszubowski


"The Mental Wealth Method is truly both a personal and professional development program.  On top of learning all the magic that Neuro-Linguistic Programming holds over healing the mind, body, and soul with the intention to use these with future clients, I have been completely transformed in my personal life.  Each week brings such astounding insight into unhelpful thought and behavior patterns and I felt so completely supported while dismantling these and installing positive, future-oriented beliefs.  In such a short time, I've blossomed through life-long challenges like chronic anxiety, feeling disconnected from my own body, and disordered eating. 

And, one of the biggest take-aways from the Mental Wealth Method is Jenna's attitude and style.  She's thoughtful, deeply caring, and authentic in herself.  These core qualities radiated out into the entire cohort's growth and development through the course.  She brings a refreshing lightness to heavy topics and gives us all the courage to work through them with grace and patience.  I honestly didn't know how enrolling in this program was going to completely change my life and I'm grateful to myself for heeding the call."


What if I told you...


There is a way you could move forward personally and professionally so you could finally find a rhythm  that ensured you always have a full cup...


You have what it takes to develop a proactive self-care practice so you can continue to be the person that people turn to without the old guilt and resentment...


You could become your own client first so that you can rewire the subconscious programs that have been keeping you safe as you walk towards your dreams...


You could have the accountability and mentorship you've been looking for so you can finally take this dream off of the back burner and bring life to your vision with the support you've been missing...


You already have a community that gets you and is waiting for you. Where you can connect with other space-holders who are taking the same plunge as you, find lifelong friends, and develop a professional network with people who truly want to help heal the world...


If this is what you've been waiting for... 



Then I'm so excited to introduce you to The Mental Wealth Method.


In this virtual 90 day integrative Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Life Coaching Certification Program you'll receive everything you need to finally feel ready to do this deep and transformational work.

The Mental Wealth Method doubles as a personal and professional development program so that more people just like you can do this important work without cycles of burning out. Because, now more than ever - the world needs you to share your gift for holding space. Here you'll find the balance between holding space for yourself and holding space for others. 


Phase One: Set Intentions

As soon as you enroll, you'll have access to 12+ hours of MWM audio pre-study and subconscious self-care resources like hypnosis tracks and subliminals.

Then, one month before our virtual retreat you'll receive your Intention Care Package in the mail (along with your manual) so you can begin the inner-work of being your own client first and set intentions for our 90 days together.



Phase Two: Attend Intensive

Begin building  strong relationships with your community during your unforgettable five day virtual retreat.  Learn all of the theory, transformative techniques, and art of holding space live with your Trainer.

Sink into our live lessons from the comfort of your own home,  practice techniques in break out rooms for immediate integration, and soak up all the magic.




Phase Three: Integrate The Learnings

Alternate between being a client and a practitioner as you pair up with practice partners to gain experience, develop confidence, and receive breakthrough after breakthrough as a side-benefit ;) 

Log 30+ coaching hours over the course of 10 weeks with practice partners, family, friends, and soft clients so you can build an unshakeable confidence in your ability to do this work.

Receive personalized feedback from your Trainer with client session video reviews, attend weekly Integration Calls, and get immediate strenght-based feedback at bi-weekly Practice Halls.

Phase 3 is all about asking questions, processing practice calls, reviewing client case studies, getting familiar with the techniques, and leaning into your community.




Phase Four: Facilitate Transformation

Facilitate and receive a 4 hour Deep Dive Session with a fellow classmate for your final evaluation.  Here, you'll dive deep into one area of life that needs some TLC so that you can get to the root of what is no longer working, clear out old programs, and rewire for success and happiness on a subconscious level.

Phase 4 is your chance to take everything you've learned to the next-level as you explore a longer coaching container, proving to yourself that you can hold the space.

Discover if facilitating Breakthrough Sessions are something that you want to offer by doing it instead of just dreaming about it.




Phase Five: Celebrate & Graduate!

Grab the Kleenex because there is so much to CELEBRATE at this Graduation Ceremony! The testimonials from your Soft Clients are flooding in, you're reflecting on all the internal changes that have rippled into our physical reality, and you can't help but feel nostalgic for the incredible connections you've made with friends who were strangers just three months ago. You did this. Now it's time to keep the good times coming! 


Phase Six: Continue Creating Magic

Keep the momentum going by staying connected to your community!

Stay in touch with your classmates and Trainer as an alumni in your private online community where you can ask questions as they come up, collaborate with your fellow coaches, and attend monthly Alumni Mastermind Calls! 

As an alumni you'll always have access to recordings of future rounds with the option to re-enroll for a live semester at a special alumni rate when you need a refresher.



Mental Wealth Method 2.0 Is Coming January 2022


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When you know you can guarantee results for your clients, you become magnetic.


The coaches who stand out are the ones who have the confidence that they'll be able to give their clients the shifts that will change their life. They know how to hold space and they aren't afraid of awkward silences because they know that is where the magic happens. They know they have a toolkit of transformational tools to lean into when the session calls for change-work. They have proof of the change they've created for others. And most importantly, they trust themselves to follow their intuition.

Now, take a moment and imagine that being you.

It's just moments before your scheduled client session and you feel calm, collected, and excited to see what you'll co-create during your time together. You know you have your toolkit of techniques, powerful questions, and the art of holding space down pat. You trust yourself and your ability to intuitively move where your client needs to go on that given day.


Feels pretty good, doesn't it?



When you work with the subconscious mind you get to the root of the problem.


Inside of The Mental Wealth Method you'll master Life & Success Coaching through the lens of the subconscious mind and have powerful NLP tools like hypnosis, subliminals, anchoring, and timeline techniques in your toolkit. Inside of MWM you'll learn over 20+ techniques that come with easy-to-use scripts so you can provide quick and long lasting transformations for your clients.


Learn how to hold space, ask powerful questions, empower your clients, and help them create a present and future they are excited to live! 

Help them set achievable outcomes and break big dreams into chunk size pieces that feel easy with your support, accountability, and guidance.

Course Material:  Principles Of Success, Formula For Empowerment, Meta Model, SMART Goals, Setting Achievable Outcomes, House Of Cards Questioning Model, Reframing, Powerful Metaphors, Subconscious Storytelling, Tasking & Accountability, The Basic Recipe Of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Eliciting Values, Story vs. Structure Questioning Model, and more.

Introduce others to the magic of the subconscious mind with the help of NLP so they can reprogram the automatic  responses of their nervous system for success.

Help your clients change habits, belief systems, and cycles of self-sabotage.

Course Material: NLP Presuppositions, Prime Directives Of The Unconscious Mind, Principles Of Success, Formula For Empowerment, Modeling, Rapport, Sensory Acuity, Internal Representation Systems, Intro To Submodalities, Single Belief Change, Mapping Across, Swish Pattern, Godiva Pattern, Intro To Anchoring, Resource Anchors, Ring Of Power, Chaining Anchors, Collapse Anchors, Scent Stating [Olfactory Anchoring], Auditory Anchors, Timeline Techniques, Building A Positive Association With Your Timeline, Releasing Negative Emotions, Releasing Limiting Decisions, Putting A Goal In The Future, Releasing Anxiety, Parts Integration, and more.

Facilitate transformation by learning how to speak directly to the unconscious mind with powerful language patterns that future-pace your client to their desired realities.

Learn how to run a live hypnosis session and create pre-recorded hypnosis and subliminal tracks.

Course Material:  History Of Hypnosis, Principles Of Hypnosis, Milton Model, Conversational Hypnosis, Step-by-step Krasner Method, Lemon Test, Suggestibility Tests, Progressive Muscle Relaxation Induction, Convincers, Write-Your-Own Script Formula, Running A Live Hypnosis Session, Creating Hypnosis & Subliminal Pre-Recorded Tracks, and more. 


Saba Umair


“Jenna’s approach to being your own client first has resulted in me experiencing shifts both in my personal life as well as my business. The support within MWM is phenomenal. I feel excited to support my clients on a deeper level with all the these tools I have been learning in MWM. Thank you Jenna for this loving, nurturing & compassionate space.”


Receive high-touch point support to ensure you graduate feeling comfortable, confident, and capable in the tools so you're ready to open your doors as a coach.


  • 160+ Hour Certification Experience you'll receive 3 certificates of completion upon graduating [NLP Practitioner,  Empowerment Hypnosis Practitioner, and Life & Success Coach] all hours are concurrent. 

  • 5 Day Virtual Training Intensive where you'll learn all of the theory, transformative techniques, and art of holding space live with your Trainer. 

  • Log 30+ Practice Hours over the course of 10 weeks with practice partners, family, friends, and soft-clients in exchange for testimonials during the Integration Phase.
  • Learn how to write  client case studies as you build your own reference of experiences with the techniques
  • Soft Client Session Reviews to help build your confidence with personal real-time feedback from your NLP Trainer.
  • 2 x 30 Minute Pulse Check calls with your Trainer so you can ask questions, set goals, and have extra accountability on your journey
  • Weekly 90 Minute Integration Calls so you can ask questions about the content, process soft-client sessions with your community, and receive support from those who understand the evolution you're going through. 

  • Bi-weekly Practice Halls so you can practice the techniques in real-time live with your Trainer's supervision.

  • Guest Masterclasses to support your business development with industry experts!
  • Physical & Virtual Manual to calibrate to your Zoom and In-Person client sessions. 

  • 24/7 Access To Private Online Community with current students and alumni so you can stay connected and get your questions answered.
  • Pre-Study Audio Learnings For You To Listen To As Soon As You Sign Up! Students say it's like listening to a "school podcast"! 

  • Snail Mail Intention Care Package mailed to your door one month before we begin so you can dive into the inner-work of being your own client first and start deepening your self-care practice.

  • Upon graduation gain access to the 24/7 Private Online Alumni Community so you can connect, collaborate, and ask questions amongst other graduates!


Breena Fain


"I honestly don't even know where to begin with Jenna and the beautiful, nurturing community she has created through MWM. 
At the time I met her, I was looking for a coaching certification program that would allow me all the tools I needed to become a healer, but what I was unconsciously looking for was just the confidence to step into who I am. When I discovered Jenna, I knew I had to work with her. And after three months of being in a one-on-one container with her (through individual coaching), I just... transformed. I don't know how to explain it but it was almost as if by magic, I had evolved into this person I am now. And through that greater wisdom and resilience she helped me build, I also got closer to the tender-hearted person I am deep down. I was expanding and going deeper at the same time - that's what Jenna allows for in her space.
Jenna has this remarkable ability to shine as brightly as she is while also making room for so many others to shine as well. It's easy to see a joyful person and assume they've cheated out of life's inevitable suffering. But with Jenna, you can feel this groundedness within her that shows - she know what's up. She just chooses to believe in a better world. She chooses to come back to the practices she teaches over and over again."

Meet your Trainer, Jenna!

Jenna Knapp is a Mindset & Empowerment Coach, subconscious self-care expert, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After enrolling in an NLP Certification to gather tools to take care (and charge) of her own mental health two years ago - she realized these subconscious tools and techniques were too powerful to keep just for herself.

Since graduating from that program Jenna has helped 165+ individuals in a one-on-one setting and trained 20 Practitioners in the same tools that changed her life. 

Jenna’s signature coaching and training style provides accountability and creates a community of caring souls who are passionate about helping heal the world and are ready to take care of themselves while doing so.  Her students love her because of her caring heart, unwavering belief in their success, and unshakable commitment to helping service-based business owners show up for themselves first before everyone else.



Mental Wealth Method 2.0 Is Coming January 2022


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