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Whether you're looking to experience the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a Breakthrough Session, sign up for a long-term private coaching relationship, or something in-between we hope you'll be able to find the perfect person to support you on your journey below.

All of the coaches below have completed 150+ Hours of training inside of The Mental Wealth Method Certification with NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Jenna Knapp and have successfully passed an intensive evaluation process. 

You can expect MWM Coaches to: 

  • Actively listen to your experience in a judgement-free space and ask deep transformative questions to help bring clarity
  • Practice clear and consensual communication when introducing you to subconscious modalities and techniques
  • Help you create your desired reality while holding you accountable with full belief in your potential 

Ola Alanqar, (She/Her)

Toronto, Canada [EST]

Mental Wealth Method Spring 2021 Graduate 

Accepting New Clients!

I help parents and creative people who seek to redesign their life and see their creativity flourish to its full potential so they can achieve their dream of harmonious lives as individuals, creatives, and families alike.

Ola Alanqar is a professional artist, Mindset & Life Coach, and an NLP-practitioner living in Toronto, Ontario. As a mother of four, Ola understands how important it is for individuals and families to connect with their roots and develop a strong identity in today’s fast changing world. Ola’s unique space provides a holistic and loving approach to those who are passionate about bringing the best in themselves towards healing from within in order to be ready to look after others in their lives. This is a special container for parents and creative souls who are determined to take control of their lives and see their creativity bloom to its full capacity. Her community loves her because of her dedication, authenticity, and unshakeable commitment to helping clients take full control of their lives before anyone else.

Instagram: @olaalanqar
Phone: +1-647-217-5753

Rachael Bahre  (she/her)

Montana (MST)


Mental Wealth Method Fall 2020 Graduate 

Accepting New Clients!

I help intuitively-led women tap into their body’s wisdom and finally make peace with food so they can find their way back home to their health and their sacred selves.

I'm a multi-passionate individual, certified holistic health coach, and an NLP Practitioner. I'm also obsessed with crystals, all things self-healing, and love being in nature. When I'm not working, I love to spending time in my garden, being creative in the kitchen, or relaxing with a good book.
Instagram: @rachaelbahre

Luz Elena [Lu Selaina] (she/her) Central Time

Mental Wealth Method Fall 2020 Graduate 

Accepting New Clients!

I help visionaries, coaches, teachers, healers, spiritual guides, artists and space-holders who long to be more powerful, effective and lasting with their work. I help these professionals feel more free and creative by listening deeply, asking powerful questions, teaching simple and liberating processes that they can use and guide others to use so that they can reach beyond their highest goals and experience life beyond their highest expectations! My work carries a money back guarantee.

I was born between the mountains and the sea in Colombia. Singing and dancing, painting and acting throughout my childhood and into my adulthood, then founding several schools, healing art centers and creative transformational processes, I became a professional coach when I realized that to participate in the evolution of the world on the scale I envision, means to train people committed to making a positive difference in this world. With over thirty years of experience guiding people into brilliantly being who they truly are, a masters in transpersonal developmental evolution, and certification as a Registered Drama Therapist with the North American Drama Therapy Association, I share loads of fun, powerful, clarifying and liberating tools with you so that you can dive deep into your truth, see your life more clearly, identify your strengths and dreams easily, open up your own path and walk into your future successfully.

Home Phone: +1-608-986-2207

Kayleigh (she/her)

Kelowna, BC [PST]

Mental Wealth Method Fall 2020 Graduate 

Accepting New Clients!

I help women release barriers holding them back so that they can connect with their inner light and crush their goals.

Quirky Aquarius who loves adventures out in the wilderness. Often found curled up in the sun with a coffee and good book. Believer that everyone already has the power within them, they just need to rediscover it. 

Instagram: @kayleighmaryon

KP Kaszubowski [Kay Pee Kah JOO bow skee] (she/her)
Pacific Time 

Mental Wealth Method Spring 2021 Graduate 

Accepting New Clients!

I guide deep feelers through releasing the heavy past and accepting a new optimism as they grow into their highest selves.

I am a poet and filmmaker. I work with young adults with disabilities and am a twin to a sister with developmental disabilities. I love using creative mediums to draw out the subconscious mind. I spend time by some body of water every day. I am studying tantric meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction. I have shed the high octane speed of corporate and non-profit positions and am channeling this "go go go" energy into truly relearning how to enjoy the moment and suck the marrow out of life. I love reading and love talking about books with friends.


Umi Love [you-me luv]  (he/him)

Staten Island [EST]

Mental Wealth Method Fall 2020 Graduate 

Accepting New Clients!

I help spiritual creatives embody their soul and community vision through NLP techniques and Tantra.

I am a queer, pansexual, non-monogamous sensually-alive being. I think the earth is our mother and I thank her daily. I am deeply passionate about collective, intergernational sexual healing. I feel a deep sadness by the state of our world, and my lifes path is a daily practice of building loving community based on truth and love. I am a trauma survivor and I cultivate trauma-informed healing space.

Facebook: Umi Love

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