Manifest, Maintain, and Manage Wealth With Ease 

Rewire your subconscious mind to see the security and stability money provides so you can finally say goodbye to cycles of sabotaging your own wealth.

In order to give you need to believe it's safe to receive. Here you'll develop a deep trust in your ability to save, spend, share, and invest on a subconscious level that is supporting you on auto-pilot.


Hypnosis & Subliminal Audios

Rewire your subconscious blocks to wealth and abundance with:

+ Spread The Wealth Hypnosis
+ 30 Minute Abundance Subliminal

EFT Tapping For Releasing Resistance

In order to give you have to receive. Clear the blocks and resistance with:

+ Intro To Tapping Video
+ Resist To Receive Tap-Along Video 

Develop Your Wealth Writing Practice

Did you know your subconscious takes your handwritten goals as commands?

+21 Journal Prompts For Increasing Your Wealth

Learn How To Use Abundance Anchoring

Use a stimulus/response technique to rewire your subconscious mind with:

+ Installing An Abundance Anchor
+ Scent Stating The Smell Of Wealth

Money Mindset Tools At Your Fingertips

Through the use of hypnosis, subliminal audio, tap-along videos, abundance anchoring lessons, and 21 journaling  prompts you'll develop a deep trust in your ability to save, spend, share, and invest. 

Complete Bundle $97
Subliminal & Hypnosis Tracks Only $37

Meet Your Instructor!

Jenna is an Empowerment & Success Life Coach who helps creatives, leaders, and service-based business owners take back their power through subconscious reprogramming & rebuilding routine.

With over five years of self-care and preventative care advocacy, Jenna helps busy change-makers and space-holders pump the breaks on the road to burnout.

Certified as a NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner & Trainer,  Jenna’s signature coaching and training style provides accountability and creates a community of caring souls who are ready to reclaim their time, call their power back, and build beautiful boundaries. Here, you'll be able to feel the support of her classroom inside of this course with all of the same resources she uses with her students and clients at your fingertips!